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When traveling with Pilot PLUS CPAP Battery in DUAL CONFIGURATION with Co-Pilot Add-on Unit, one can extend the amount of run time, allowing traveling to remote places where the mains power is not available.

To ensure longer run time, please use PAP device without humidifier (or with humidifier set at "0" or "off")

Co-Pilot -12 Add-on Unit can be permanently connected with Pilot PLUS CPAP Battery /Backup power supply and a PAP device. Once the mains power goes out, the PAP device will start running off the Pilot PLUS CPAP Battery.

However, if the PAP device is being used with a heated humidifier, the Pilot PLUS CPAP Battery will only last 3-4 hours.

With DUAL CONFIGURATION of Pilot PLUS and Co-Pilot Add-on Unit, the patient can rest assured that he or she will not be woken in the middle of the night due to extended power outage. The Co-Pilot will double up the amount of time that the PAP device will run on the battery.


Co-pilot 12 is compatible with Pilot 12 PLUS CPAP Battery / Backup power supply NOTE: Co-Pilot Add-on Unit is not functional as a stand-alone CPAP battery!

More Information

 -Capacity: 98 Wh (allowed in carry on for air travel with most airlines)

 -Size: 19x12x2 cm

.-Weight: 1.8 lbs

 -Cell type: Industrial grade genuine rechargeable lithium ion cells

 -Output voltage of Co-Pilot-12: 12V -15V

-Output voltage of Co-Pilot 24: 24V

• Approximate usage: Varies depending on the pressure and other settings of the PAP device

• Charging time: approximately 3 hours • Warranty – 1 year

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