F&P SleepStyle™ Auto CPAP Machine

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Freedom in simplicity Get set up and started, simply.
SleepStyle empowers you with the freedom to do what’s best for your patients.

Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine is designed for simplicity and intelligence, making adjustments throughout the night, helping maintain comfort, and creating the right conditions for a longer period of sleep.
We all want the freedom that comes with the ability to choose. To choose how we spend our time. How we go about our work. To choose how we ultimately care for our patients. With SleepStyle, you can.
-Easy-access chamber
-User-friendly menu and buttons
-Built-in connectivity options
-Quiet, integrated design
-Expiratory Relief
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This Product Include:

-Carry Bag -Power Cord -Water Chamber -Chamber Seal -Outlet Seal -F&P InfoUSB -Use and Care Guide -Quick Reference Guide -Air Filter -Spare Filter -Spare Elbow

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F&P SleepStyle Quick Reference
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F&P SleepStyle Use and Care Guide
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