Traveling with CPAP


 -There are a variety of solutions for your travel around the world can still get your therapies, there must exist a special machine,even the most modern CPAP machines are  allowed on
-Traveling with breathing Equipment has done something very common and easy ,influencing the size, weight and easy performance of these equipment, the features have helped the
 uninterrupted use of these equipments. Your therapy will have to not wait to get to the destination, may be continued for long flight hours.
-For that you will need to meet certain standards or regulations established by Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which allows patients with sleep apnea CPAP equipment  with their travel.



By Air:


  -You will need a Letter or Prescription  from the Doctor about your treatment and the medical necessity of traveling with your equipment.
  The Doctor in the prescription can include,diagnosis,treatment pressure and ramp,type of mask ,health insurance information and details for your equipment supplier and care .
 -Contactar the airline two weeks before  to see if your respirator qualifies within the rules of the FAA.
 -Direct flights are recommended whenever possible. By doing this, you will not have to board and disembark from the airplane with your oxygen concentrator multiple times
 -Make sure the battery is sufficiently charged equipment, minimum 6 hrs flight and that also brings an extra battery.Llevar an extra battery is very important, as a second option
 -When traveling remember to take the correct adapter according to the country of destination, as they tend to be different in each country
 -If you use CPAP while in flight, try to arrange a seat that’s close to a power source.
The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, has ruled that All Passengers who require use CPAP of Machines must comply with its Regulations. FAA will fulfill its assure and tranquility on your journey.  For more information see our link Regulations of FAA for traveling with CPAP and other Devices.
 -Not all respiratory Equipment qualify for Travel by Air
 -Travel Humidifiers can not be used on the flight, because water can spill
 -The Airline has the ultimate Approval for in-flight usage.
 Q-The X-Rays scanners in the airport can damage my equipment?
 A-No, this type of  radiation does not damage it
Q-My therapy will be equally effective at high latitudes?
A-Yes it does affect it,  if it's an automatic equipment it will  adjust it self .If the equipment is manual ,you can adjust it.
Q.Always show the equipment  at the airport?
A-Yes, it is your duty to show you respiratory equipment at the airpor

If youTravel by Car

-You will need to carry the DC Power supply that is compatible with most cars, check before traveling is a good idea
-Never leave your Respiratory Equipment inside the closed car because high temperatures can affect the operation of this.

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