AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask with Headgear

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The AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask delivers the comfort and reliability patients trust in ResMed traditional full face masks, in a compact design.


The AirFit™ F10 Full Face mask’s lightweight, minimalist design makes it easy to use and provides an added level of comfort, while still delivering the same performance and reliability patients trust in a traditional ResMed full face mask. 
-The mask is small, lightweight provides a clear line of sight while you’re wearing it.
-With only four parts it’s easy to take apart, clean and reassemble
-Quick-release elbow allows you to disconnect mask from tubing in one click.
-The dual-wall Spring Air™ cushion provides a comfortable and secure seal for better performance
-The SoftEdge™ headgear features slimmed-down straps for greater comfort and fewer facial marks.
-SoftEdge™ headgear
 Is gentle on the skin and features premium rolled-edge fabric for reduced facial marking.
-Cushion-to-frame connection
 Makes attaching the cushion to the robust frame easy.
-Circular diffused venting
 Disperses air gently and quietly away from the bed partner.
-Quick-release elbow
 With side buttons for fast detachment.
-Enhanced Spring frame
 Is lightweight and designed for stability, while offering unrestricted vision.
-Dual wall Spring Air cushion
 -Provides a comfortable, high-  performance seal
-Soft sleeves are packed with the mask for even more patient comfort
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 This Product Include:

-Frame Hard Components: Polyamide
-Frame Soft Components: Silicone Elastomer 
-Cushion Hard Components: Polyamide
-Cushion Soft Components: Silicone Elastomer
-Elbow: Polyamide; Polypropylene; Thermoplastic Elsatomer; Silicone Elastomer
-Headgear: Nylon / Lycra; Polyurethane Foam
-Soft Sleeves: Nylon / Lycra

  Fitting tips for AirFit F10
-When fitting the mask, ensure that the base of the cushion sits at the crease of the patient’s chin and then swing the mask upwards towards the patient’s nose.
-Do not over-tighten when adjusting the headgear straps.
-With the therapy device blowing air, lift the cushion off the patient’s face and then re-seat it, so the cushion inflates correctly
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