Car Charger for Pilot-12 PLUS

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The Car Charger for Pilot-12 is a must have for people who love to travel.


Our Car Charger will allow you to charge the battery from your vehicles cigarette adaptor when the regular power outlet is not available. The Medistrom™ Car Charger is very easy to use, just plug one end of the Medistrom™ Car Charger into the car cigarette lighter socket, and the other end into the “CHARGE” jack of your Pilot-12 CPAP Battery. The battery will charge in 3-4 hours.
You may find yourself in places where there is no power outlets, that's when the Medistrom™ Car Charger can meet your needs by charging your Medistrom Pilot 12 CPAP Battery.
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-Mode of Operation: DC Converter for Pilot 12 CPAP Battery
-Special User Features: 12 Volt Battery
-Source -DC Power: 12 Volt
-Actual Weight: 3 ounces
-Part number: 627843461197
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