Cleanzex Unscented CPAP Mask Wipes

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Cleanzex CPAP Mask Wipes, the high abosrbency pure cotton wipes the experts recommend for cleaning your CPAP mask.



Cleanzex Unscented CPAP Mask Wipes ,these unscented wipes feature natural aloe vera ingredients and come without alcohol or other solvents. The wipes are gentle on your hands and won't damage the silicone in your mask cuchion.

-Perfect For a Quick Clean

The high absorbency mask wipes from Choice One Medical are perfect for giving your CPAP mask a quick clean. These mask wipes are unscented and come ready to use. The material is soft, and is ideal for treating a silicone or gel mask cushion without damaging or otherwise harming the surface of your cushion

 -Portable Package

These wipes don't have a tinge of citrus and they won't smell like Lysol: they are simply unscented mask wipes, ideal for patients who want to clean their mask quickly. With these wipes, you can clean your mask and then wear it just seconds later, and you won't have to inhale the strong scents commonly associated with a cleaning wipe.


•70 Wipes per Canister

•Alcohol and Solvent Free

•Unscented and Ready to use

•High Absorbency

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This Product Include:
 -70 Wipes per Canister
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