ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

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The ComfortGel Blue borrows technology from masks like the ComfortGel Full Face and EasyLife.

-The 'Blue' gel technology and premium forehead pad can be found on the ComfortGel Full. The angled exhalation micro ports were first released on the EasyLife Nasal  Mask, reducing overall airflow noise. If you own a PR System One CPAP Machine, take advantage of your System One Resistance Control rating by setting the machine  to your specific brand.
-Improved Gel Cushion Technology.
The ComfortGel Blue continues to use a dual, gel cushion and silicone flap system. Respironics has improved the ComfortGel  material. The gel is now softer and conforms to your face with greater ease. Use the separate silicone membrane that snaps on, over the gel cushion, to increase the life  of the cushion and provides a unique Sure Seal Technology (SST), contouring a seal around the Gel Cushion.
-Premium Forehead Pad.
The ComfortGel forehead pad is larger with more cushioning that is easy to fit and improves comfort. The forehead support comes with a StabilitySelector, which is adjustable and allows for movement.
The pad attaches to a base that can swivel up or down; accommodating the angle of your forehead.
-Angled Exhalation Micro Ports.
The new diffusion vent and 360  Degree elbow disperses air softer and quieter than before.
 Respironics has decreased the overall size of each port, allowing several micro ports to fit on the elbow. The elbow angles the ports away from your bed partner and the  micro size diffuses airflow quietly, reducing overall sound.
-System One Resistance Control. Respironics wanted a machine to achieve optimal pressure no matter which mask is used. Resistance Control is the solution, a  numbering system on all of Respironics CPAP masks based on variable resistance characteristics.



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This Product Include:
-Premium Headgear
-Forehead Pad
-Headgear Clips
-Tube Swivel
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