ComfortGel Original Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

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It has the same gel that can be boiled and custom fit to your face, but most people get a good fit from one of the four sizes without molding the gel.

-Broad Silicone Forehead Pad. 
The ComfortGel forehead pad is larger than the Profile Lite to diffuse any pressure out over a larger area for more comfort.
-Adjustable Bridge Fit.  
The ComfortGel can be adjusted outward at the bridge of the nose to help reduce pressure.
-Customizable Gel Cushion.
The gel-filled cushion conforms around the nose and uses the SST flap to create a consistent seal all night. The gel technology allows for a greater variety in facial features such as facial hair. As an added benefit, the ComfortGel cushion can be boiled and molded for a custom fit. The boiling process softens the cushion and allows the gel to form around your unique face.
-Silicone Cushion Flap. 
Use the separate silicone membrane that snaps on over the gel cushion to increase the life of the cushion. The unique Sure Seal Technology (SST) contours and seals around the ComfortGel cushion.
-Ball-and-Socket Quick Clips. 
The clips allow easy removal and replacement of the mask without re-adjusting the straps.
-Latex Free.
Just like all Respironics masks and headgear.
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 This Product Includes:
-Mask Premium Headgear
-Cushion SST Cushion flap
-Headgear Clips
-Forehead Pad Tube Swivel
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