Fisher & Paykel - FlexiFit™ 431 Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

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FlexiFit Tecnology and Glider Strap remain,providing a full face mask that is extremely easy to fit straight out of the box.


The FlexiFit 431 Full Face Mask offers a comfortable alternative to nasal or oral delivery. It incorporates the FlexiFit Technology with auto-contouring properties, features an Under-Chin fit and highly contoured Silicone Seal for maximum comfort and stability .
-FlexiFit Technology & Glider Strap
 Fisher & Paykels FlexiFit cushion technology allows the HC431 to contour to the surface of the face to provide a good seal. With movement during sleep, the Glider Strap  allows the head to shift without disturbing the seal. The headgear strap maintain equal pressure as the head moves side to side.
-Under Chin
The Under-Chin Design offers stability by basing the seal on the jaw. If there is jaw movement during sleep, the mask seal remains.
-Efficient Air Diffuser The air diffuser vents the exhaled air. The design of the diffuser helps to avoid air blowing directly on a bed partner. Further, the directional tiny holes  help to make the exhaled air quiet to increase sleeping comfort.
-Headgear Design 
 The headgear of the HC431 includes a crown strap which offers greater stability and works in conjunction with the under-chin cushion design. A unique design feature of the  headgear is an easy release strap allowing the mask to be removed in a single step. The headgear of the HC431 is latex free, as are all other headgear by Fisher & Paykel.


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 This Product Include:

-Product Code: HC431
-All Sizes are interchangeable with the HC431 mask frame
 (HC432 and HC431 are compatibles)
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