IntelliPAP AutoAdjust Travel CPAP Machine with SmartFlex

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The Develbiss IntelliPAP AutoAdjust unit by DeVillbis can be operated in both conventional CPAP and AutoAdjust modes.

The Develbiss IntelliPAP AutoAdjust unit by DeVillbis can be operated in both conventional CPAP and AutoAdjust modes.
When travel is a concern take advantage of the compact design allowing the APAP, humidifier, hose and accessories to store away in its travel bag. Packed with
 The APAP is programmed with:
-Adjustable apnea/hypopnea detection
-Automatic Altitude Adjustment
-Pressure Ramp
-SmartCode compliance tracking
-Auto ON/OFF -Reminder Alert
-Backlit LCD
-Easy-to-Follow CPAP user Menu
-Battery Backup Option

-SmartFlex Technology
 DeVilbiss jumps into the enhanced comfort market with the introduction of SmartFlex. This unique exhalation relief function provides three levels of customizable    pressure reduction and six rounding options to tailor the transition between inhalation to exhalation. Like many existing pressure reduction technologies, SmartFlex  lowers  exhalation pressure by 1cmH20 per level (up to 3 cmH20), allowing users to breathe easier against their therapy pressure. What sets the IntelliPAP apart is its  transitional  rounding feature that prevents the user from experiencing adverse IPAP/EPAP pressure changes. When pressure drops during exhalation, the increase back  to the  prescribed therapy setting can disrupt the sleep cycle. In similar technologies, users may find themselves struggling against the transition and lose the benefits of  exhalation relief. Now, SmartFlex's rounding function makes pressure comfort technology virtually seamless. DeVilbiss has provided a chart that compares the IntelliPAP  SmartFlex technology to both ResMed's EPR and Respironics pressure relief technology: Exhalation Relief Competitive Comparison Chart
 SmartCode is a simple and easy way to review your sleep performance without the need to purchase software. Starting the day after your first treatment, the IntelliPAP  machine begins to display SmartCode messages on your machine's LCD screen. Each message is a unique encrypted code containing the results of your sleep therapy. The IntelliPAP quickly confirms compliance using the Adherence Score. Doctors use the Adherence percentage score to determine whether a user is in compliance with CPAP LCD (Local Coverage Determination). SmartCodes report Adherence based on the best consecutive thirty days of usage. Codes can be generated for the following calendar schedule: 1 Day 7 Days 30 Days 90 Days Cumulative Using the "Track Your Therapy" tool provided on this Product Page, IntelliPAP users can input one or several SmartCodes to generate a series of reports. Refer to the IntelliPAP SmartCode Report Comparison Chart for list of reports for each machine.
-Optional Integrated Heated Humidifier
 Built for durability, the unit is water resistant, has a stainless steel heat transfer plate and a water chamber constructed of Lexan (polycarbonate resin thermoplastic). Use  the optional heated humidifier to provide additional comfort and humidity for your sleep therapy. Powering the unit is achieved through docking with the CPAP, eliminating  the need for bulky power adapters or extra hoses. The exclusive humidifier chamber is easy to remove and designed to maximize humidity with a larger surface area.  DeVilbiss designed the chamber to hold enough water for a full night's sleep and along with the unique baffle design, the water chamber allows the airflow to collect more  humidity. Even at the humidifier's highest setting, you can still expect a full 8 hours of humidification
-Battery Backup Option
 The IntelliPAP machines use a separate connection for AC and DC power, allowing for the machine to be set up in a battery backup configuration. The included AC    power cord can be plugged into an AC power source such as a wall outlet, and the optional IntelliPAP 12 Volt DC Power Cord can be plugged into a DC power source such as a battery.
More Information
 This Product Include:
-IntelliPAP APAP Machine
-Carrying Case
-6 Foot Hose
-8 Foot Power Cord
-Reusable Foam Filter
-Disposable Fine Filter
-Patient Manual
-Clinical Quick Set-Up Guide
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