Mirage Activa™ LT Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

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The Mirage Activa LT was designed to accommodate every patient and ensure a comfortable, hassle-free night.

The  Mirage Activa™ LT Nasal Mask is the only mask you’ll ever need with improved Active Cell™ technology from ResMed, the Mirage Activa LT’s cushion expands and contracts to accommodate movement and therapy pressure changes throughout the night.The active cell inflate  to adjust to movements and varying pressures throughout the night
The result: a mask that creates a gentle, secure seal and a dynamic defense against leak, and is easy to use for clinicians and patients alike.
 MicroFit dial and dual-wall cushion with new compact ActiveCell™ technology achieves a perfect fit for a range of facial structures

-ActiveCell Technology.
This design accommodates movement during sleep, which results in fewer mask leaks for restless sleepers. The bubble-like membrane surrounding the dual-wall cushion expands and contracts to varying pressures and allows for different sleeping positions during the night. The new ActiveCell membrane is less cumbersome than the original, but still prevents CPAP users from over-tightening the mask headgear to create a secure seal. A looser fitting mask reduces pressure points and prevents red marks.
-Headgear Quick Clips.
The headgear comes with quick clips that allow for fast and convenient removal of the mask without the need to re-adjust.
-MicroFit Dial
The MicroFit dial allows CPAP users to find the right fit using 24 small incremental adjustments. The dual-wall cushion and forehead move in tandem as the dial is turned. This design is intended to address difficultly with "first time" fittings and also helps prevent the need to over-tighten headgear.
-Dual-Wall Cushions.
ResMed has created the dual-wall cushions in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Large Wide. This cushion is designed to fit the widest range of faces.
-Improved Diffusion Vent.
The Activa LT also comes with a new diffusion vent that disperses air softly and quieter than before. The exhalation ports are configured in a circular design that greatly reduces the audible sound of exhaled air and redirects the airflow away from your bed partner.

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 This Product Include:
-ActiveCell Cushion
-Cushion Clip
-Headgear Clips
-Forehead Pad
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