Mirage Swift™ II Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear

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So light, so flexible, so quiet ... better than ever! 
It's ideal for people who want a light, flexible system that provides a clear field of vision.

The Mirage Swift™ II Nasal Pillows System provides Mirage™ comfort and quality in a nasal pillows system.A market leader in nasal pillow mask systems. The Swift II nasal pillows were redesigned to be thinner and offer a better seal.

-Ultra-Quiet: 86% quieter than the original Swift
 The Swift II mask is ultra-quiet and can help improve your sleep and that of your partner as well. The air vent is located on  the frame instead of the cushion and  disperses air gently downward more in line with natural breathing.
-Small, Lightweight, and Travel Friendly
 At 2.5 ounces, this mask will not weigh you down. It has a very small footprint that covers less of the face. The pillows rest gently  just under the nose. It folds up for easy  travel. The minimal design creates comfort and helps users with better compliance and allows for reading or watching TV at bedtime  even with glasses on. -Improved  Pillows: The details are microscopic but the user can feel it. ResMed has completed comprehensive studies using anthropometry (the study  of human body  measurements on a -comparative basis) using a vast range of nasal and facial features and then improved the design of the pillows. This allows for a better  seal and  optimized comfort and fit for a wide range of people. All pillow sizes are interchangeable with the mask frame.
-Adjustable Angle
 An adjustable rotating pillow sleeve allows the user to select the best angle to conform to their unique facial features and helps to create ideal comfort and a superior  seal. -  Flexibility Counts The pillows, pillow sleeve, and the neck that connect them both are flexible and supple enabling for more comfort and a better fit and for some  movement  of the nasal and facial features.
-Easy Fitting
 The Swift II comes with Small, Medium, and Large size pillows included and fitting is quick and easy. After initial fitting and adjustment the Swift II can be put on without  velcro or clips. No need for daily readjustment. -Ease of Cleaning Assembly and disassembly are simple and easy, with very few parts, making for effortless cleaning or  replacement of parts.
-Choice in Tube Position
 The tube can be placed up (attached to the headgear) or down and on either side making for freedom and comfort and flexibility for the user.
-Secure Headgear
 The design of the headgear allows for secure placement and fit, improves stability and seal, without the need to over tighten. 

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 This Product Include:
-Nasal Pillows (Small,Medium and Large)

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