Mirage™ SoftGel Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

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The Mirage™ SoftGel Nasal Mask offers exceptional comfort with ResMed’s renowned performance and quality.

The Mirage SoftGel provides a soft touch with strong stability for a comfortable, effective seal.
It’s unique DoubleGel™ cushion includes a blue gel layer for strong support and a clear gel layer that gently conforms to individual facial contours, making it easy, quick and intuitive to fit. It also

ResMed’s classic MicroFit dial for added control and customization, and an array of special vents that quietly diffuse air away from the patient and bed partner. SoftGel’s unique DoubleGel cushion Mirage SoftGel’s creates a soft touch with excellent support.
 Clear gel layer automatically
 conforms to the nose and unique facial features of each individual, creating a soft and gentle fit. : The blue gel layer adds stability and    support, maintaining its shape  and structure.
-Unparalleled softness and comfort                           
 The DoubleGel cushion’s outer layer provides unparalleled softness. The blue gel layer maintains stability and support .Fitting is a simple task—for both current users and  new patients 
-Ultra-quiet therapy                          
 Special array of small, built-in vents diffuses air quietly. That means a good night’s sleep for patients and their bed partners  
-Correct fitting made easier                           
 Combination of the Mirage dual-wall cushion with the DoubleGel cushion design makes fitting simple.The cushion adapts to individual facial contours, creating a  comfortable fit with ease
-ConvertAble mask means freedom of choice                           
 ResMed ConvertAble masks offer the choice of two different cushions on one frame       
-Freedom of choice helps patients accept their therapy early and stay engaged in treatment
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 This Product Include:
-Cushion Clip
-Forehead Pad
-Headgear Clips
-Elbow and Hose Swivel
-Port Caps
-MicroFit Dial
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