ResMed Sullivan Chinstrap

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This ResMed chinstrap’s has a cloth highlight to ensure a comfortable and accurate fit.
This comfort friendly chinstrap fastens itself at the top of the head. It has a chin cup made of soft cloth and installs easily.
-Light and Minimal Design
-Easy to Clean and Maintain
-Fewer Sleep Interruptions Materials The straps of the Sullivan Chinstrap are made of neoprene & Breathoprene, the material used in the majority of mask headgear.
The chin cup of the Sullivan Chinstrap is made of a non-elasticized textile made up of a brushed nylon and cotton knit blend.
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The overall length measured without stretching is 27 inches.

Please see our other chinstraps for longer lengths and designs.


-Straps= neoprene

-Chin Cup= nylon & cotton knit blend, not elasticized

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