S9 VPAP™ S BiLevel Machine

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The S9 VPAP S is designed to deliver comfortable bilevel therapy to a wide range of patients, including those who are unable to tolerate standard CPAP therapy.
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Incorporating the stylish design and sophisticated comfort features of the award-winning S9™ platform, S9 bilevel devices help you to comfortably transition to therapy so you can experience the benefits of a restful sleep.
-The Easy-Breathe motor
  Reduces sound to a whisper, so your (and your partner’s) sleeping environment remains quiet and restful.
-The optional H5i™ Heated Humidifier with Climate Control
  Maintains ideal humidification and temperature settings according to your real-time environment. This  helps  protect you from condensation (or ‘rain-out’)
  while   minimizing side effects such as dry throat or mouth.
-Easy-Breathe technology
 Follows your natural inhalation and exhalation patterns, resulting in a truly comfortable breathing experience. User-friendly controls, intuitive  interface and bright color    LCD guide you through the setup process, making it simple to navigate menus and customize settings.
   Traveling with your equipment:
-All you need to know about traveling with your therapy equipment,
 From using a universal power supply to altitude adjustment.Love to go camping and enjoy the outdoors? Now you can, even with your ResMed device. We
 offer  converters for our wide range of products.These converters allow you to use your device from a 12V or 24V DC power source in a car, boat or other vehicle that has  a suitable battery. In addition, most of our devices, including our ventilators, operate with an external battery source, called the ResMed Power Station (RPS) II.
 It provides backup power in case the mains power fails unexpectedly.
 So even if you’re in a wheelchair, you now have the freedom to go out more without interrupting your therapy. Our battery guide provides detailed technical information    about using your device with an alternate power supply.
-Perfect for air travel
 Now there’s no reason why your treatment should keep you from flying–and a good night’s sleep! Thanks to the portability and convenience of ResMed’s therapy  equipment, the sky is the limit when you want to see more of the world. Before traveling with your therapy equipment, you should: At least two weeks prior to traveling,  get clearance from the airline to use your device on a flight (if your approval is in the form of a letter, carry a copy with you). Arrange to sit near a power source on the  aircraft.
-The RPS II, our lightweight and portable power station,
 Is ideal for air travel. Confirm the type of power cord or adapter used by the aircraft Carry a letter from your doctor certifying your need for positive airway pressure  therapy.Take a copy of ResMed’s statement of FAA compliance letter for ResMed devices Pack the correct adapter for the country you’re traveling to because power  outlets differ in each country. Adaptors can be bought from most electronics and travel stores, as well as in airports. Ensure that there is no water in the humidifier tub  before detaching it from the device and packing it away.
 Most ResMed devices can automatically adjust for changes in altitude and run on virtually any power supply in the world, with a suitable adapter. Remember, you can  use your device on the plane, but not your humidifier, as aircraft turbulence increases the risk of water spillage and damage to the device. On arrival at your destination,  don’t forget to use distilled or deionized water to fill your humidifier tub.Your Hotel room may not have a power socket located near the bed head, so pack an extension  cord to use your device and mask, comfortably. The following information should always be within reach: Your treatment pressure Your mask type and size Contact  details for your equipment supplier and care provider Your health insurance information Your doctor’s details
 A copy of the ResMed positive airway pressure device travel letter for assistance in carrying the device through security and on the aircraft
 ©ResMed 2014 Used with Permission.
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. This Bilevel machine provides one set pressure stream for inhale, and a lower one for exhale. S9 VPAP S is an improvement over the S8 VPAP S by including ResMed's Enhanced Easy-Breathe technology along with the Climate Control humidification system.

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