Total Face Mask with Headgear

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The Total Face Mask with Headgear is a mask that covers the entire face, including the eyes. It is an alternative for users who are unable to use or tolerate other mask types.(One Size Fits Most)


The Total Face Mask is a unique alternative for patients in the hospital or home who have difficulty tolerating nasal masks used with BiPAP or CPAP systems.The Total Face Mask provides a fast, effective seal and eliminates pressure sores caused by some nasal masks. Air pressure from the system inflates the soft, flexible sealing layer, which minimizes leaks while providing optimal airflow through the nasal passages.
Air pressure circulates throughout the mask, allowing more natural, comfortable breathing.The clear, lightweight plastic faceplate adds to the comfort and does not obstruct vision to help minimize claustrophobia in some patients. Comes in one size with an easy-to-use headgear that quickly fits most patients, which is an important advantage in critical care situations.


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