Swift™ FX for Her Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear.

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Swift™ FX for Her Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear.
Fewer masks. More you.Is lightweight and easy to fit,specificaly for women.

The Swift™ FX for Her Nasal Pillow Mask is designed specifically for women is even lighter, softer and more streamlined than ever, so you can look and feel more like yourself.

-Comfortable fit, flexible form
 Ultra-smooth 360° rotating elbow rotates with easy, fluid movement for flexibility in tube positions
-Spring-flex lightweight tube
 Stretches and bends uniquely for increased stability without the use of a tube retainer
-Soft silicone headgear cushions
 The face gently and needs little adjustment
-Easy to wear and adjust
 Simple headgear buckle has clearly marked notches for easy adjustment
-Additional buckle notches
 Allow customized sizing for women’s fitting needs
-Size and name
 Indicators make it easy to identify size and correct orientation
-Lock and key
 For easy attachment and detachment of side straps
-Customizable to match your lifestyle
 Low-profile backstrap with Velcro fasteners are available in small sizes, in a feminine pink or light blue and gray
-Soft wraps enhance comfort at the cheeks.
 Available in gray and pink to coordinate with backstrap 
-Pillow sizes come packaged with XS, S and M to better fit more female users Gentle therapy, stable seal
 Flexible pillows with trampoline action allow movement in multiple directions while keeping seal
-Dual-wall nasal pillows seal
 On contact for a gentle, comfortable seal, offering a wide fit range and dispersing air gently
-Soft, narrow cushion with integrated flexible chamber
 Makes side sleep comfortable and maintains seal during movement
-Quiet vents diffuse and direct airflow and bed partner 
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 This product include:
-Nasal Pillows (3 sizes)
-ExtraSmall,Small and Medium
-Soft Wraps(1 pair pink)
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