Transcend Auto Travel CPAP Machine w/ EZEX

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The Transcend Auto Travel CPAP Machine with EZEX is the first Auto-Adjusting model in the widely popular Transcend line of machines

The Transcend Auto Travel CPAP Machine with EZEX, is the smallest Auto CPAP on the market today.Is the same small size as the other machines in the Transcend line, and takes comfort to the next level with auto-adjusting technology.
This is an Auto-Adjusting machine with a pressure relief comfort feature that will change pressure on a breath by breath basis during use
-Auto-Adjusting Technology
 The Transcend Auto adds auto-adjusting technology to the popular design of the Transcend line of machines. A person's pressure needs can fluctuate during sleep as a  result of mask leaks, position shifts and apneas. The Transcend Auto will change the air output to only give the needed amount of pressure for each breath, making for  therapy that is comfortable and effective. If desired, the machine can be set to in a single pressure mode and act as a CPAP machine.
-EZEX Pressure Relief
 To make therapy even more comfortable, EZEX pressure relief is featured on the Transcend Auto. EZEX pressure relief allows for the pressure to drop a set amount  when breathing out, resulting in more comfortable exhalation. The EZEX feature can be set at one of four settings: 0 (No Relief), 1 (1 cm H2O of relief), 2 (2 cm H2O of  relief) and 3 (3 cm H2O of relief).
-Small, Lightweight & Quiet
 The Transcend machines are known for their small size and light weight, and this holds true with the Transcend Auto. With the machine itself weighing less than a pound,  it can easily be packed and carried during travel. The small footprint of the Transcend Auto leaves a nightstand open to other nighttime accessories such as alarm clocks  or lamps that may have been sacrificed to bigger and bulkier machines that demand more space. Making its presence even more discreet while in use, the Transcend  Auto comes in at a very quiet level of 26.6 dB.
-Flexible Power Options
 The Transcend Auto keeps travel in mind with the inclusion of a power supply which has international plug adapters for use in many countries including the United  States, United Kingdom, European Union, and Australia and New Zealand. Add in the optional Transcend Multi-Night Battery and the Transcend Auto is ready to provide  a restful night of sleep almost anywhere.
 -Easy Maintenance Filter
 The filter frame on the Transcend Auto can be removed with the push of a single button.Once the  frame is removed, the separate filter can  then be washed
 or changed as needed.The filter is a foam strip that should be rinsed weekly and allowed to air dry before  reinserting.
 The filter frame of the Transcend Auto is dark gray.
-Email Capable Data Tracking
 The Transcend Auto holds up to 13 months of data including: Minimum Therapy Pressure Maximum Therapy Pressure  Starting Therapy Pressure AHI (Apnea  Hypopnea Index) Leak Detection Total Therapy Hours Number of Therapy Sessions: 8 Hrs (default); 6 Hrs; 4 Hrs Total Hours the  Blower Has Operated


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  This Product Include:
-Transcend Auto CPAP Machine
-Travel Bag
-Universal Hose Adaptor
-Standard 6' Hose
-Universal Power Supply
-Quick Starter Guide
-Universal Plug Adaptors
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