Transcend Mobile Power Adapter Second Gen

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Transcend Mobile Power Adapter Second Gen,the mobile power adapter allows a Transcend Travel machine to be operated from a DC source. The end of the adapter is a cigarette lighter style adapter.


The Transcend Mobile Power Adapter Second Gen is a 19.2 volt mobile power converter for use with the Transcend Travel line of machines by Somnetics.

 Compatible  Transcend Machines

-Transcend Travel CPAP Machine

-Transcend EZEX Travel CPAP Machine

-Transcend Auto Travel CPAP Machine with EZEX

-Transcend 'Soft & Wearable' Travel CPAP Machine.

-Battery Charging Instead of being plugged into a Transcend machine the mobile power adapter can be plugged into a transcend battery to charge the battery from a DC  source. This will work only with Transcend batteries.

  Charge Time from a DC source using the Transcend Mobile Power Adapter:

  Transcend Overnight Battery (Reference Only Product)

- Approximately 5 hours Transcend Mulit-Night Battery

- Approximately 8 hours

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  This Product Include:

 -Mobile Power Adapter

-Power Outlet Cord

-Machine Cord

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