TrueBlue Gel Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

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TrueBlue Gel Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear,offering a higher degree of comfort and flexibility, the TrueBlue also includes a soft, gel forehead pad which is easy to remove and adjust.


-Freeform Spring Technology
 In order to conform to your face, the TrueBlue incorporates a flexible spring connecting the mask frame to the cushion. This reduces pressure on the bridge of the  nose and compensates for movement while asleep.
-Premium Gel Cushion and Inflatable Silicone Flap
 The gel cushion molds to the shape of your nose, providing a comfortable, self-adjusting seal. The TrueBlue is designed to fit loosely on the face. It is not necessary to  over tighten the straps to create a seal. Simply position the mask and adjust the straps so the mask rests comfortably on your face. The loose fit allows the outer  cushion silicone flap to inflate and create a seal around your nose. For help achieving a seal, put on the TrueBlue mask and connect it to your CPAP hose. Turn on  your CPAP machine. While your machine is blowing, pull your mask out away from your nose, allowing the outer cushion flap to inflate around your nose. Slowly  bring  the mask back to its original position.
-Easy Click Cushion Re-assembly
 The spring and gel  cushion easily and quickly click together with three contact points.
-Soft, Adjustable Forehead Pad
 The forehead pad has three soft gel cushions to diffuse pressure across a larger area for increased comfort. The pad swivels up and down, offering a high degree of  flexibility, easily conforming to your forehead. 
-Stable Headgear
 The four adjustable straps join together into a single back panel. Combined with a crown strap, the headgear was designed to provide stability through out the night. 
  If using the TrueBlue with the System One line of CPAP machines, take note of the Resistance Control rating located on the cushion of your mask. Programming this    rating into a System One machine will adjust the pressure output relative to the mask in use, making your pressure more consistent and reliable.


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