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AirMini™ AirFit™ N30 Nasal Mask Pack

AirMini™ AirFit™ N30 Nasal Mask Pack


Product Description

ResMed AirMini™ AirFit™ N30 Nasal Cradle Mask Pack with Headgear

AirFit™ N30 Mask Pack is a complete mask for AirMini™ Autoset™. AirFit™ N30 Mask Pack comes with Small Wide, Small and Medium cushions. Setup Pack also includes the headgear, the tubing, and two HumidX™ waterless humidification cartridges. The blue HumidX™ is the standard humidification for normal to humid climates, and the gray HumidX™ Plus is for dry climates.




Product highlights

  • The AirFit™ N30 nasal cradle mask pack includes one of ResMed’s lightest mask yet and features a soft, under-the-nose curved nasal cradle cushion.


Lightweight and comfortable

  • The N30 nasal cradle mask is ResMed’s lightest mask yet, with a soft, under-the-nose nasal cradle. Small, simple and discreet, the N30 nasal cradle mask minimizes facial contact while maximizing comfort and performance.


QuickFit elastic headgear

  • Adjustable QuickFit headgear slips on easily with the split strap, allowing you to quickly make adjustments when needed. Ideal for side sleepers and those who can get a little claustrophobic, wear glasses, or have sensitive skin.


Waterless humidification

  • Exclusive to AirMini, HumidX technology is designed to deliver a comfortable and convenient therapy experience — without the hassle of distilled water. HumidX and HumidX Plus captures heat and moisture to provide comfort and effective humidification for most climates and sleep environments.


ActiveAir venting

  • ActiveAir™ uses a flexible silicone valve to regulate vent flow across the pressure range, reducing the overall flow required to achieve therapy pressures. This is what enabled ResMed to create AirMini, the world’s smallest CPAP device on the market today.


Manufactured by ResMed

REF: 38878

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